Today is Election Day. It’s an opportunity for millions of Americans to exercise their right to vote and begin to change the tide since the fateful 2016 election. Today, it is up to all of us to show up to vote and support candidates who are bringing decency back to the political conversation. But our work doesn’t stop when the votes are all tallied today.

In 2018, there will be a record number of women running up and down the ballot — including myself for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District — and we are collectively energized to bring better representation to the political process and help organize grassroots change.

My daughter, Lacy, interviewed me for Lenny Letter, and it was published today! It is an honest, in-depth look as to why I am running for Congress.

When I was 22-years old as a new mom, trying to finish my college degree, I never knew that this would be my path. And even one year ago, as a 53-year old small business owner, I did not know this would be my path. But when given a chance to run and represent, it seemed like the easiest choice in the world.

I have seen first-hand how our rural communities are struggling, and our families and communities are being left behind by our representatives at the state and national level. I am embarrassed by the headlines that Steve King makes, and I know that his racist, vile, hateful remarks are not the opinions of my neighbors and friends. He’s been our representative for so long many people think his re-election inevitable. But it’s not. We can elect a leader who shares our values and who will put our families before national headlines and special interests.

I am inspired by the enthusiasm in the 4th District and heartened to see so many passionate, concerned folks showing up at campaign stops across the state. The road may seem long, but each day we are chipping away at the armor of inevitability.

We have one year until Election Day 2018. I am prepared to take on Steve King and unseat him, but I’m going to need your help.