Meet Leann

Meet Leann

My road to Spencer has been an amazing—and sometimes challenging—journey. I grew up in Minnesota, and moved to Iowa in the 90s as a vice president of state government affairs with AT&T. In 2001, after nearly 20 years with AT&T, I retired to launch Capitol Gains, an advocacy firm focused on business, economic development, arts & culture, and child welfare. During that time, I also devoted a great deal of energy to Iowa Women in Public Policy, an organization I founded to help encourage women to actively engage in public office. From Capitol Gains, I moved to the Technology Association of Iowa.

I am the very proud mother of two grown daughters, both remarkable, intelligent, hard-working women. I raised my daughters and put them through college mostly on my own; I am blessed in ways too numerous to count, but I also know what it is like to truly struggle.

In 2011, I married my husband, David, and became the lucky stepmom to his four great kids. I moved to Spencer—David’s home town. It’s no stretch to say that I am nearly as in love with this beautiful part of Iowa as I am with my husband. In addition to being a business owner here, I am also on the city council, and serve on the board of Spencer Municipal Hospital.

Today, I am also the doting grandmother and step-grandmother of seven wonderful children.

Commitment to Iowa

Throughout my career and in my life, I have found both the greatest success and the greatest happiness in bringing together people of diverse interests and goals to find common purpose.

My cafe, Spencer’s Bear Coffeehouse and Wine Bar, has become an important hub in this small city, where local musicians perform and business and civic leaders meet to discuss local issues. And every week, it is home to the Riverfront Farmers Market—which I organized so that farmers and gardeners would have a place to sell their crops directly to consumers—and where local folks could come together on Saturday mornings. Nearby is StartupCity Spencer, a co-working space and new business incubator I launched that has built a community of entrepreneurs, and has helped connect them with the people and resources they need to grow their businesses.

Bringing people together is what great leaders do—and it is essential to creating positive change. It is my proven track record of bringing people together, and my deep commitment to all those who live in northwest Iowa, that I will take with me to Congress. There, I will work with passion and joy to make every community in northwest Iowa a vibrant, welcoming place. Where all people, of all ages, can thrive and enjoy futures brighter than today.

Common Sense Solutions

I believe passionately that we can turn things around and better all the communities in our District. And that is why I am running for Congress: I am absolutely committed to revitalizing every community in our District—and ensuring a bright future for every resident.

I know without a doubt that our communities can once again be places where we all thrive, and where our children—and our grandchildren—will want to live and work and raise their families.

When we come together and put people and common sense—not politics—first, we will make great things happen throughout this region.