Improving education

Our children and grandchildren will have access to the high-quality public education and skills training needed to ensure that they can achieve their dreams here in northwest Iowa, and be a part of the bright, innovative workforce of tomorrow.

Fighting for healthcare

In our district, everyone will have access to affordable, quality healthcare. We will preserve our rural hospitals, and keep Medicare and Medicaid intact. We will not penalize the elderly, or decide that some patients are simply too ill—and too costly—to care for.

Saving natural resources

In protecting and preserving our natural resources, we must work together with farmers who are on the frontlines of conservation and land stewardship to ensure our land and water are clean and safe for us to enjoy today—and can sustain our agricultural and ecotourism economies for generations to come.

Helping the middle class

Strengthening the middle class means putting politics aside to build a diverse, innovative economy that focuses on smart tax policies that help businesses grow and hire. We must look to opportunities like public-private partnerships, state and federal grants, private foundation support and philanthropy to invest in our local economies. By doing so, we can make our region a highly attractive home to businesses across multiple industries.

Bettering the economy

We can ensure great jobs with great futures by strengthening our position as a significant logistics hub, building our renewable energy industry, and revitalizing our agricultural economy with new innovations.

As a business leader with more than 30 years of experience in companies large and small, I understand that all of these things—so essential to the quality of life that every Iowan deserves—depend on a thriving local economy. Successful local businesses provide the means for a good quality of life—from great schools to jobs that offer livable wages and opportunities for advancement, to affordable healthcare, to great parks and clean water, to the police and firefighters who keep us safe.

Promoting small businesses

Northwest Iowa can and should be home to some of the most innovative business development in the country. Here’s how I know: For 10 years, I served as president of the Technology Association of Iowa, which helps grow and develop small businesses and brings together young technology entrepreneurs. Today, as a result of our work, Iowa’s technology sector is seen as one of national prominence, and new businesses are sprouting up in communities across the state.

But it’s not just technology that will reenergize our communities. It is locally-owned service-sector businesses—restaurants and retail venues and co-working spaces. I’m proud to own and operate Spencer’s Bear Coffeehouse and Wine Bar, which I opened with my husband in 2012 to bring more job opportunities here—and to provide a place where people of all ages can gather and enjoy the company of their families, friends, and neighbors.

People over politics

In many rural communities in this part of the state, the qualities that have made living here so attractive—great schools, good jobs, bright futures—are beginning to slip away. Our once-bustling main streets are quieter today, and our young people are moving on, finding better opportunities in larger cities.

I am deeply proud to live in northwest Iowa. I love living in a community where families support each other and where neighbors know no strangers.